Carolyn - the brains, the precision, the intensity. This lady brings the intellectual rigour to the team. A degree in Chinese, Russian and German studies led to a job in publishing at Hodder & Stoughton, where she became Head of Languages. Seduced by the vibrancy of the City she became a data analyst and a business strategist for corporate giants including KPMG and Yell.  She is passionate about data and has developed an exclusive database that she now treats as her own child. She tends to RelevantNow's 'PR's secret address book' with love and care, nurturing and refining the perfect contacts in each sector and annoying the rest of the team with her pedantic research and incessant attention to detail. She ensures RelevantNow offers the most targeted contacts out there and that you can get your info in front of them efficiently. Just answer 3 questions now at


The RelevantNow Team