Gaby - ahhh the drive, the determination, the sheer vision. Cast in the lead role in an ad for Smarties at the age of 4 it looked like a glistening career in Television beckoned. Sadly, a bout of chicken-pox on the day of shooting prevented immediate stardom, but after graduation Gaby gravitated to a career in advertising. As an account handler on brands such as Disney, Speedo and Orange she gained a unique perspective of what key clients needed to grow their businesses fast. But, always the steely maverick, she refused to be a cog in a wheel in a large agency and preferred to work for herself and offer clients a more focused service. Running JRPR successfully, a consumer PR agency, for nearly a decade Gaby saw and evolved within a changing industry. She knew not all clients were getting the best value for money and that the industry needed a revolution to help people to get their own publicity everywhere and grow fast and that's why she developed

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