We were lucky enough to be introduced to Luke Cameron via Media Trust and are hugely inspired by his work, and grateful for all his support.

Luke started a blog, ‘The Good Deed Diary,’ and became known across the globe for his kindness, successfully completing 365 good deeds over the course of a year. He then took on the challenge of the ‘Nicest Job in Britain,’ where he travelled across the UK helping 45 charities in a year.  He now works alongside a wealth of the UK’s leading charities and socially conscious brands.

This is a link to a blog that Luke has written giving hints and tips to charities:


We’re thrilled that RelevantNow are number 1 – but wanted to share all the tips as we think they are invaluable, not only for charities looking for additional coverage, but for all businesses too.

Thank you Luke!

All the best,

The RelevantNow Team